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Innovator’s Choice Experience

Make your choice and be resourceful to level up your invention skills!

As you take on the creative, hands-on challenges in Innovator’s Choice, be sure to check out all the helpful resources below.

Follow along with an educator

Looking for step-by-step guidance? Watch the videos below! One of the education experts behind our activities will take you through the entire Innovator's Choice experience.

1. Daily Kickoff
2. Create and Invent
3. Hang Out and Get Outside
4. Collaborate and Share

Power up your experience with more fun content!

Message from the USPTO

Watch this video to learn about the power of invention from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Spencer Silver Video

To get ready for a chemistry challenge, play this video from Hall of Famer Spencer Silver.

Architecture Video

Before designing your own space, watch this video to start thinking like an architect.

Team Neovent Video

Check out this video to find inspiration for designing a new medical device.

Garrett Brown Video

Discover what’s missing when you play this video from Hall of Famer Garrett Brown.

Steve Sasson Video

Watch this video for an inspiring message from Hall of Famer Steve Sasson.