Innovation Exploration Kits Welcome Hub

Innovation Exploration Kits: I Can Invent Series

Let’s get started!

Welcome to the center of your I Can Invent® experience. Here, you can access exclusive digital content designed to amplify your at-home fun!

When your kits arrive, grab the Activity Guide and look for the password on page 1. Choose the corresponding icon below and use your password to unlock the experience page. There you will find everything you need — from videos and music to printable posters. 

Complete your experience, your way.

As you take on new challenges each day, choose what option works best for you!

  1. Use the printed Activity Guide found in your kit and the video, music and printable links found near the bottom of the experience page.
  2. Download the digital Activity Guide, which contains all the videos, music and poster links.
  3. Watch the instructional video for all of the step-by-step instructions you need to complete the challenges. 

Innovation Force® Kit

Start thinking like a great inventor! Unlock your creative superpowers with this fun warm-up activity.

Bot ANN-E™ Kit

Learn how to code as you program your robots to navigate scenes you create, from a futuristic farm to city streets.

Optibot™ Kit

Customize your own self-driving robots and watch them complete twists and turns on obstacle courses you’ve designed.

Robotic Pet Vet™ Kit

Perform surgery on your very own robotic dog, taking it apart to find out how its mechanics compare to the anatomy of a real dog.

DIY Orbot™ Kit

Design, test and modify your remote-controlled robots, then take them for a spin to complete a series of exciting challenges.