Explore the All-New Camp Invention 2024 Program

Learn about the hands-on activities in this year’s STEM summer camp curriculum

What will students experience this year?

Our 2024 program, Illuminate, transforms students into confident problem solvers. Through hands-on challenges and activities, children investigate STEM concepts, collaborate and learn that their creativity can lead to a brighter future.

Discover the 2024 Camp Invention Modules
In the Game

Children transform into innovative all-stars as they engineer their own light up ball game. In the process, they create a unique sports ball and explore the physics of motion and gravity. Then, they build a brand, create a logo and are recognized for their creativity by being inducted into the Game of Fame!

Let’s Glow

Children explore molecular biology, genetics and optics as they discover illuminating inventions and engineer their own one-of-a-kind Glow Box. Along the way, they investigate the physics of light in LEDs, fiber optics and even glowing animals through hands-on examination of reflection, refraction, color and shadow. As they explore ultraviolet light, campers uncover clues to reveal a mystery and use the power of light to help their ideas shine.

Operation: HydroDrop

Children are sent on an epic global operation to solve water challenges around the world. As a part of this mission, they learn about the important role that water plays on our planet as they personalize a robotic lab-on-wheels. By learning about water-based inventions ranging from flood control to water-cleaning devices, they transform into water heroes and planetary change agents.

Prototyping Studio

Children step into an immersive game show where they are empowered to mold and transform their ideas into unique inventions. They explore the innovation spaces of Our Nation’s Greatest Innovators, customize a toolbox, and discover that the ultimate space for inventing is anywhere with anything.

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