Our Accelerate Program Transforms Summer School

Create a hands-on environment

Enhance the way students view learning

Improve attendance rates

Provide a well-rounded education

Promote literacy and math skills in a fun and engaging way with our Accelerate® program, an add-on to the Camp Invention® program from the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame®. This immersive curriculum gets teachers out from behind the desk, changing the way students view summer school.

We know that children thrive in a non-traditional, open-ended environment by learning through hands-on activities. That’s why we’ve designed the Accelerate program to transform the classroom into both an amusement park and a carnival! Your students will be engaged in storytelling and creative problem solving while exploring the excitement of literacy, math and STEM.

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Build on an innovative foundation

This program adds literacy and math concepts to the principles educators have come to expect from the Camp Invention program, including creativity, collaboration and innovation.


Go beyond traditional summer school

Our hands-on challenges turn summer school into a thrilling adventure. So not only will students have a more meaningful learning experience, but they will also be excited to attend each day.

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Discover the Accelerate program

Accelerate offers a flexible curriculum, with two modules that may be implemented either individually or in combination.  

The Accelerate modules, Plot Coasters™ (English Language Arts) and Fair Games™ (Mathematics), offer a combined total of 20 hours of engaging, hands-on content and activities, including approximately 50 games emphasizing literacy and math concepts.

Plot Coasters

In Plot Coasters, children work as design interns for the world’s newest amusement park — Imagination Point! They are challenged to build exciting roller coasters to attract visitors and write best-selling stories that can be sold in the gift shop.

Plot Coasters Aligns to Common Core Standards

Participants will:

  • Develop writing strategies using their journal
  • Complete word wall activities to develop and enhance foundational skills in fluency, word recognition and vocabulary
  • Engage in daily group and individual reading to develop comprehension
  • Be encouraged to discuss ideas in small groups for continued communication and collaboration
  • Apply STEM concepts and teamwork to create, test and recreate as they build their roller coasters
Fair Games

In Fair Games, children join carnival worker Captain Sam Dabble on his quest to invent better carnival games that people will love to play! Children explore concepts of measurement, number operations, geometry and algebraic thinking as they engage in the hands-on designing, building and modifying of fun-filled games.

Fair Games Aligns to Common Core Standards

Participants will:

  • Execute mental math to construct and navigate their own miniature golf game
  • Construct gravity balance scales as they are introduced to fulcrums and levers
  • Discover nonstandard measurements as they design an acrobat launching device
  • Explore creativity by adding designs to their carnival games
  • Practice collaboration and communication for Mega Carnival Midway
What can educators expect from Accelerate?


With flexible implementation and turnkey curriculum, we provide all the tools and materials your students will need to transform their learning. Because of our dramatically different approach to summer school, students are excited to learn and apply their bright ideas to each innovation challenge.


All of our educational programs qualify for Title I, Title II, Title III, Title IV, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Migrant Education and Early Learning Challenge funding, as well as state and local district resource funding to support the program.

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