“When I invent, I feel like I can change the world.”

Now more than ever, children and educators around the country need help rediscovering the joy and possibilities of innovative, hands-on learning.

You can make a difference with your donation to the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) Annual Fund Campaign "Give Today, Change Tomorrow," and contribute toward a $500,000 goal to support critical resources for equitable STEM education.

Every year NIHF invests millions into creating and delivering the very best experience for children and educators. Your gift will reach children in the form of innovative curriculum development, quality materials, literacy tools and language translations --resources that make it possible for kids nationwide to see themselves as the next generation of creative problem solvers.

Thanks to a generous $100,000 gift from NIHF Inductee Dr. Edmund O. Schweitzer III, inventor of Digital Protective Relay, and his wife, Beatriz Schweitzer we are a fifth of the way there!

Join the mission to change tomorrow by adding your gift today.