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A Word From the CEO

Evaluating Our Role in Social Progress

As our National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) team works harder than ever before to secure the future of our organization in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must also take the time to acknowledge our country’s current movement against systemic racism and injustice. Not only must we recognize the significance of this movement, but we must also respond in no uncertain terms that Black lives matter.

At NIHF, we work closely with parents, educators and sponsors to inspire and support children across the spectrum of race, gender and socioeconomic status. As the call for essential social change unfolds, we are determined to elevate our efforts across all aspects of our organization and our programs.

We want each member of our NIHF family to know that we are committed to taking steps now and into the future to ensure we consistently honor Black inventors, empower Black children and partner with Black educators and parents as we evaluate and improve the ways in which we support equity, diversity and education in every community.


Prioritizing Equity

At the core of our mission is the drive to provide children with equal access to our education programs including Camp Invention®, offering them authentic STEM experiences and opportunities to build an innovation mindset. We believe every child can invent, so we must do our best to reach every child. This is how we continue our work toward changing the paradigm of who will become our future creators, innovators and entrepreneurs.


Going Beyond Diversity 

We believe in the power of representation, recognize the need to build greater diversity among our Inductees and will continue to encourage everyone to nominate more world-changing Black inventors for our Hall of Fame. A basis for our programs is a culture of inclusion, introducing children to innovators as role models with whom they can connect and identify, and creating the space for them to develop empathy, practice collaboration and appreciate diversity in experiences, ideas, backgrounds and abilities.


Shaping the Future Through Education

As we work together to champion access to invention education today, our efforts will reach far into the future. We are educating tomorrow’s STEM leaders, and it is vital that we continue to help build the equitable and inclusive workforce STEM fields require. As our world grows increasingly complex, we will make sure young innovators across the country are prepared to overcome its many challenges.

At NIHF, we know that progress can only be made by challenging the status quo. It requires disruption, persistence and determination. It requires an innovation mindset. As we navigate these times together, each member of our team is determined to advocate for an open minded, innovative mindset in children, as well as within ourselves.

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