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9 Shows to Stream for STEM-Based Fun and Learning

As social distancing measures remain in place, parents and children alike have been spending more time at home than ever before. And as families adjust to the new school year in these unprecedented times, it is important to find opportunities to relax. Thanks to streaming services, many families are spending some of their free time enjoying access to content that is both entertaining and educational.

For STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects in particular, there are many streaming programs that offer opportunities to bring fascinating concepts to life in relatable ways. The next time your kid could use an entertainment break, consider checking out one of these fun shows!



  1. Octonauts
    Created especially for younger children, this show invites viewers to join a team of underwater adventurers known as the Octonauts to aid aquatic creatures in need. Each episode introduces audiences to different species and investigates how these unique creatures thrive in various oceanic environments.

  2. Ask the StoryBots
    This Emmy Award-winning series has been called the “best kids’ show on Netflix” by WIRED and Decider. In each episode, characters Beep, Bing, Bang, Boop and Bo find the answers to kids’ biggest questions, explaining where rain comes from, how airplanes fly, why we have to brush our teeth and so much more.

  3. Emily's Wonder Lab
    Each episode of “Emily’s Wonder Lab” is packed with STEAM activities and at-home experiments that are fun for the whole family. From making fluorescent paint to creating rainbow toothpaste, kids are bound to find something that gets them excited and curious about the world around them.


Amazon Prime

  1. Wild Kratts
    The first season of this PBS show is included with Amazon Prime, and it’s sure to keep nature-loving kids engaged. In each episode, brothers Chris and Martin Kratt introduce viewers to amazing creatures. As they imagine what it would be like to share each animal’s special “creature powers,” they take kids on exciting, educational wildlife adventures.

  2. MathXplosion
    The host of this unique series is a “mathemagician” who shares fascinating facts and tricks, guiding kids to get engaged in math and see this subject as fun rather than intimidating. While you discover unexpected ways to use mathematical methods, explore math through history, make estimates and identify patterns, the host will remind you: “It’s not magic — it’s math!”

  3. SciGirls
    Another great choice from PBS, SciGirls is described as “science fun for tween girls” but its appeal is definitely not limited to any age or gender. In this encouraging and relatable series, girls who love STEM are joined by scientist mentors as they engage in real-life investigation of topics from technology to engineering to environmental science.



  1. Doozers”
    Created by The Jim Henson Company, this preschool series features a fun group of characters (whom parents may recognize from the series “Fraggle Rock”) known as the Pod Squad. Together, they design, create and innovate, showing kids that no problem is too big to solve when you practice teamwork and persistence.
  2. Doc McStuffins
    This popular series features an imaginative 6-year-old who dreams up a clinic in her playhouse where she can be a helpful doctor to her toys. In each episode, she demonstrates observation, diagnosis and problem solving while emphasizing the power of empathy.

  3. “March of the Penguins”
    This Oscar®-winning documentary has been a family favorite for the past 15 years. Follow the annual journey of emperor penguins across Antarctica to see how they survive and care for their young in a challenging environment. Plus, you can continue the adventure with “March of the Penguins 2: The Next Step”.


What are your child’s favorite STEM-related shows?

Does your young innovator enjoy a certain educational show or movie not on this list? We’d love for you to share it with us on our Camp Invention Facebook page!

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