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Diversity in STEM

How Does Camp Invention Build Children’s Self-Esteem?

Children are naturally curious. To maximize the learning involved with pursuing their curiosity, children must feel emotionally supported to explore ideas and take risks.

The American Psychological Association (APA) highlights the importance of students having confidence and high self-esteem, as this allows them to take these risks in their learning and rebound from setbacks or when they experience adversity.

APA goes on to explain that a student’s accumulation of wins and accomplishments, even small ones, help to build their self-esteem and confidence.


Building Confidence at Camp Invention

With an approach to invention education that has been iterated and improved for over 30 years, Camp Invention®, the K-6 summer STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program from the National Inventors Hall of Fame®, provides participants with a safe and encouraging environment in which to collaborate and explore.

We invite you to learn how each of the four experiences that make up this year’s brand-new Camp Invention program, Wonder, helps participants build confidence through the fun of hands-on challenges!


Pop-Up Venture™

This inspiring experience challenges participants to create their very own pop-up shop and build lasting entrepreneurship skills. Children first brainstorm and collaborate with their friends to create a business plan. As they construct their mini shop, throughout the week they add lights, greenery, signage with a logo they’ve created themselves and other features designed to attract potential customers. Each participant will walk away with their own unique pop-up shop and a newfound sense of self-confidence that comes from launching a business.


Catching Air™

Here, participants construct customized mini skateparks complete with ramps, bowls and rails, while taking an exciting ride through physics, design engineering and art! Narrating this experience is a slug named Allie Oops, who helps participants take healthy risks, gain comfort with falling down and feel proud of themselves for getting back up again. Children receive their own mini skateboards to personalize, and as they have fun trying out each other’s skate park features and practicing tricks, they build persistence and learn the importance of never giving up.



As children engage in this experience, they investigate the inner working of their own MimicBot – a robot that mimics sounds – and then transform it into a one-of-a-kind animatronic stuffie. Because children have complete control over the appearance of their robot, they have the opportunity to express different aspects of their personality, interests and passions through their designs. By proudly sharing their completed stuffie with fellow campers, children build confidence in what makes them unique, while learning to value and celebrate each other’s individuality.


Invention Celebration™

To help children celebrate the power of their own creativity and innovation, this experience gives them the opportunity to take on the role of creative event planners. Along the way, they engineer light-up party hats, invent a Party Assistant to aid with their party plans, explore color with bubble art banners and experiment with the science of sound as they create their own instruments. This uplifting experience encourages participants to appreciate all their amazing accomplishments, boosting their self-esteem and helping them build their identity as problem-solving innovators.


Learn More About Next Summer’s Camp Invention Program

To learn more about how our all-new 2023 Camp Invention program helps children become confident, capable creators, we invite you to visit our website.

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