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Diversity in STEM

Find Fun That’s Just Right for Your Kid at Camp Invention

With summer already fast approaching, you may have found yourself beginning to plan how your child will spend the coming months. From camps to sports to traveling, this break from school can be filled with enriching experiences that expand upon their interests in fun and exciting ways. As you’re organizing your schedule and looking for meaningful summer experiences for your child, don’t miss the all-new Camp Invention® program — Wonder!


Inclusivity at Camp Invention

While Camp Invention is known as an awesome STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) camp – and it is – it also encompasses so much more! This K-6 summer program creates a safe space for every child to explore, play, make new friends and learn from mistakes all while having fun and building a strong foundation of STEM skills.

We believe there is a place in STEM for everyone, and an awe-inspiring week of camp can help your child find theirs. Read below to learn more about the four all-new experiences in this year’s program that are designed to spark curiosity in every kind of kid!


For the Celebration Enthusiast

Creative, fun-loving kids will have a blast with Invention Celebration! Campers get to dance to the beat of their own drum, and invent their way to the ultimate celebration as they learn about sight, sound and circuitry on their journey to becoming remarkable event planners. Throughout the week, campers design their very own party assistant to help them face challenges, personalize a light-up hat to get the party started and even design their very own musical instrument so they can put on a sweet performance for their friends!

Each day, children are reminded of the importance of celebrating their successes, all while staying creative, cheering each other on and learning important STEM concepts.

For the Next Great Entrepreneur

For children with big dreams of running their own business, Pop-Up Venture allows them to start gaining the skills they need to work toward their grand opening. Campers learn the importance of economics and mathematics in invention, business and entrepreneurship while finding some amazing, innovative role models – our Hall of Famers!

After coming up with their own idea for a pop-up business, campers use the week to expand upon their ideas and create a 3D model of their shop. Throughout the experience, they learn about bank cards, business licenses, permits and how to prepare for unexpected challenges they may face as a business owner. As children get closer to accomplishing their business goals, they explore effective strategies for communicating their big ideas with the world and making their dreams a success!

For the Adventure Seeker

Sure to be a hit with kids who love action and thrills, Catching Air encourages creativity and fast-rolling fun. As campers bring to life their dream mini skate park, they try out ramps, bowls, jumps, rails and more cool features. Campers add new custom touches to their skate parks every day as they practice safe risk-taking and build a foundational knowledge of physics and design engineering. To take the challenge up a notch, campers are asked to invent their very own wheeled device of the future to really catch some air!

Campers build persistence as they learn that we all make mistakes, and we learn so much more by getting back up and trying again.

For the Animatronic Fanatic

Campers who are fascinated with robotics and love to move and groove will have an awesome time building, decorating and strutting their stuff with a walking, talking animatronic stuffie in MimicBot! Before personalizing their robotic stuffie, campers practice reverse engineering by grabbing tools and taking a deeper look into the inner workings of animatronic bots that mimic sound. Children then take inspiration from nature to unleash the power of genetics and explore biomimicry as they design their own stuffie and protect it from the idea-stealing Copy Cat.

At the end of the week, campers show off their unique creations as they make their bots strut down the “catwalk,” reinforcing their understanding that their ideas have value and can be protected from all the “copycats” of the world.

Learn More and Register!

Check out this page to determine how Camp Invention could be right for your child! Then, to discover more about our all-new 2023 Camp Invention program and find a camp location near you, we encourage you to visit our website.

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