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Festive Fun and Learning for Students Over Winter Break

For districts across the county, winter break signals the halfway point of the school year, an important time to rest and recharge for both students and teachers. There’s excitement in the air around the holidays, and all are excited to relax, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy their time outside the classroom. While this break is often a welcome respite from school time, we want to help you continue to support your students while they’re at home.

To celebrate the season and mix in some at-home education this December, we’ve compiled an awesome list of fun, festive hands-on STEM activities that will keep kids connected to the classroom in creative and engaging ways. Below, you’ll find activity links to send home with your students for a winter break full of interactive fun and learning!


Lighting Up Rudolph’s Nose

Help your students explore the power of circuitry in a fun and festive way! With this STEM activity, kids can get hands-on with electricity as they illuminate a holiday lightbulb using just a battery to make one iconic reindeer’s nose glow.


Creating Colorful Ice Jewels

Kids can uncover the science behind different states of matter by making their own colorful ice jewels in this cool activity! They’ll experiment with water and learn how it changes states when frozen, thawed and heated.


Designing Paper Gift Bags

This holiday, your students can impress their friends and family by giving them gifts in bags they created! With this DIY crafting activity, they’ll discover how geometry can provide the perfect wrapping for thoughtful presents.


Building a Gingerbread Workshop

Gingerbread houses are a classic (and tasty) sign of the holidays, and kids can design their own with this creative activity! They’ll dive into engineering as they draw a blueprint for their house, then build it with recyclables or edible materials.


Keep the Fun and Learning Going!

For more innovative ideas and interactive ways to help your students take home learning year-round, visit our blog!

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