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Diversity in STEM

Every Kid Is Different — But Camp Invention Works for Them All

As families set their summer plans, many are looking for programs that align with their child’s interests. From sports camps to opportunities for kids to express themselves through art, parents tend to choose programs that offer exactly what their child might say is their “favorite thing.”

Often, kids express interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) camps on their own because they’ve found they love exploring one or more of these subjects in school. However, for children who aren’t naturally drawn to these topics, STEM programs are sometimes overlooked.


A STEM Camp for Everyone

For over 30 years, the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) has offered engaging STEM programs and inspired millions of children across the country. Families can expect Camp Invention®, our summer STEM camp for children in kindergarten through sixth grade, to provide experiences that motivate every kid to team up, think big and explore new ways to bring their ideas to life — no matter what their “favorite thing” might be.

Because each summer’s Camp Invention program is brand new, our activities are sure to be exciting and relevant, and our thousands of returning campers always have a fresh experience to look forward to.

This summer’s all-new Recharge program is our most flexible one ever, with both in-person and at-home formats. Best of all, it features imaginative activities that appeal to children with a wide variety of interests.


For the Child with the Need for Speed

In Road Rally, children apply nature-based discoveries to prototype vehicles that can travel across land, through the air and even underwater. Exploring the principles of energy, fuel and movement, campers test their designs and take on challenges in an action-packed Super Road Rally.

Each day, campers have the chance to modify their vehicles to make them even faster. If your child has the need for speed, this activity is right up their alley!

For the Natural Performer 

After taking apart a wireless microphone to learn how it works, kids follow the Camp Invention Design Thinking Process in Open Mic to develop and pitch their own amazing inventions and ambitious business ideas. This golden microphone is theirs to keep, so they can continue experimenting with sounds in unique and wacky ways.

Open Mic is perfect for kids who love singing, acting and performing — or for any child who could benefit from taking on confidence-boosting challenges in a supportive environment.

For the Wildlife Enthusiast

One of the most important skills for any inventor is the ability to empathize and create solutions that will improve the lives of others. In SolarBot, campers practice empathy as they adopt their very own solar-powered robotic cricket! Throughout the week, they build custom habitats and inventions to help their crickets outsmart predators.

SolarBot is a great fit for children who like to discover cool creatures and take care of animals.

For the Explorer

In Duck Chuck, kids build launching devices to send rubber ducks flying across the world. They create their own versions of famous landmarks and modify their devices to help their ducks reach them, testing fascinating concepts like trajectory and velocity along the way.

Duck Chuck introduces campers to six global landmarks and is an inspiring activity for kids who love to explore.

Reserve Your Spot Today

To learn more about Camp Invention, and to reserve your child’s spot in an in-person or at-home program, we invite you to visit our website.

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