Join Us at These Upcoming 2019 Education Conferences

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Join Us at These Upcoming 2019 Education Conferences

Throughout the year, members of the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) team travel to educational conferences across the country in order to share our Inductee-inspired curriculum with as many people as possible. Read below to find us at an upcoming event near you!

National Conferences

  1. NSTA, Salt Lake City, Utah
    October 24-26
    Christine Jayo and Ashley Takacs attending

  2. NAGC, Albuquerque, New Mexico
    November 7-10
    Christine Jayo and Barbara Hinton attending
    Presentation by Barbara Hinton

  3. AMLE, Nashville, Tennessee
    November 7-9
    Shawn Boger and Ashley Takacs attending

  4. NSTA, Cincinnati, Ohio
    November 14-16
    Chris McIntyre, Maggie Crum and Ashley Takacs attending
    Presentation by Ashley Takacs

  5. NAEYC, Nashville, Tennessee
    November 20-22
    Ashley Takacs attending

  6. NSTA, Seattle, Washington
    December 12-14
    Britt Magneson and Davia Madariaga attending
    Presentation by Britt Magneson

Regional Conferences

  1. MAGC, Starkville, Mississippi
    October 2-4
    Erin Fitch attending
    Presentation by Erin Fitch

  2. WATG, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
    October 3-4
    Rick Myskewitz and Meaghan Soohey attending

  3. PSTA, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
    October 6-7
    Art Benson attending

  4. OSTA, Eugene, Oregon
    October 10-11
    Annette Phillips attending
    Presentation by Annette Phillips

  5. GAM, St. Louis, Missouri
    October 11-12
    Laura Liebman attending

  6. ITEC, Des Moines, Iowa
    October 13-15
    Laura Liebman attending

  7. Virginia Association for the Gifted, Richmond, Virginia
    October 17-19
    Mike Sandridge attending
    Presentation by Mike Sandridge

  8. WAETAG, Bellevue, Washington
    October 18-19
    Annette Phillips attending

  9. California Science Education Conference, San Jose, California  
    October 18-20
    Christine Jayo attending

  10. OAGC, Gahanna, Ohio
    October 20-22
    Chris McIntyre attending

  11. Education Leaders Annual Conference, Peoria, Illinois
    October 21
    Rick Myskewitz attending

  12. NJ Science Convention, Princeton, New Jersey
    October 22-23
    Art Benson and Meaghan Soohey attending

  13. MCEA, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
    October 23-25
    Rick Myskewitz attending

  14. OTAG, Oregon City, Oregon
    October 26
    Annette Phillips attending

  15. Texas ASCD, Irving, Texas
    October 27-29
    Barbara Hinton attending

  16. KSDE, Wichita, Kansas
    October 28-30
    Laura Liebman attending

  17. Maryland STEM Festival, Cambridge, Maryland
    November 2
    Mike Sandridge attending

  18. STANYS, Rochester, New York
    November 2-4
    Art Benson attending

  19. NJEA, Atlantic City, New Jersey
    November 7-8
    Art Benson and Ashley Schaer attending

  20. MnCOSE, St. Cloud, Minnesota
    November 8
    Rick Myskewitz attending

  21. Enspire, Mayfield Heights, Ohio
    November 9
    Chris McIntyre attending

  22. NCSLA, Winston Salem, North Carolina
    November 13-14
    Shawn Boger attending

  23. NCSTA, Winston Salem, North Carolina
    November 15
    Shawn Boger attending
    Presentation by Shawn Boger

  24. VAST PDI, Roanoke, Virginia
    November 14-16
    Mike Sandridge attending

  25. NHCMTC, Manchester, New Hampshire
    December 3-4
    Amy Ladd attending

  26. TAGT, San Antonio, Texas
    December 4-6
    Barbara Hinton attending

  27. CA STEM Symposium, Anaheim, California
    December 9-10
    Christine Jayo attending

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