Take Control of Your School Year With Invention Project K-6

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Take Control of Your School Year With Invention Project K-6

One of the most difficult aspects of the 2020-2021 school year is the uncertainty of where classes will take place. While back-to-school planning is challenging enough in a typical year, many educators must now anticipate adapting their plans for different settings.

After consulting with educators from around the country about what would be most helpful, our team of education experts at the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) developed a brand new education program, Invention Project® K-6. This cross-cutting curriculum augments classroom lesson plans and provides engaging, hands-on learning experiences for in-school, at-home and blended learning environments.


Standards Alignment

The Invention Project K-6 curriculum takes the guesswork out of educational standards compliance by aligning to State, Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Additionally, this program includes sessions with an ELA or Math focus and provides opportunities for open-ended exploration of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) concepts and the development of crucial social-emotional learning (SEL) skills.

Turnkey Implementation in Any Setting

As part of our mission to develop a program that would be most beneficial for educators, our team consciously designed Invention Project K-6 to be equitable, effective and easy to implement in a variety of learning environments. In this way, the curriculum can work as a stand-alone experience, integrate with a school’s curriculum or augment existing lesson plans. Additionally, our program works equally well for in-person teaching and in blended instruction scenarios for at-home learning.

Our flexible curriculum consists of 10 robust units with a total of 30 sessions spanning 22.5 to 30 hours. Pre- and post-assessments are included to ensure student progress and growth.

We provide turnkey implementation with step-by-step curriculum guides, dedicated NIHF support and complete materials for hands-on, collaborative learning, which can be delivered to schools or to participants’ homes.


Innovative Experiences

Each activity in our curriculum offers authentic experiences that emphasize creative problem solving through engagement in real-world challenges, encouraging divergent thinking and supporting college and career readiness.

Like all NIHF invention education programs, including our acclaimed Camp Invention® summer enrichment program, Invention Project K-6 helps students build the Innovation Mindset — a growth mindset infused with lessons from world-changing inventors. Made up of nine essential skills and traits, this mindset is instilled through hands-on, open-ended exploration and strengthened through application.


Learn More About Invention Project K-6

To find out more about how Invention Project K-6 can help you take control of your school year, we invite you to visit our website.

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