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Behind the NIHF Scenes

Another Camp Invention Season We’ll Never Forget!

As we wrap up the 2021 Camp Invention® season, we want to thank the many parents who have trusted the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) to inspire their awesome kids, as well as the local educators who have brought our program to life. Across the country, parents and educators helped curious children become confident creators, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Filled with exciting lessons and stories from our revolutionary NIHF Hall of Fame Inductees, this summer’s program gave campers the opportunity to reverse engineer a wireless microphone to explore sound waves, launch rubber ducks to landmarks around the world, take care of their own solar-powered robotic crickets and design morphing vehicles that can traverse across land and through the air and water.

As we prepare next year’s brand-new Camp Invention activities, we invite you to learn what parents and teachers had to say about all the building, innovating, creating and collaborating that happened at camp this summer!


Instructors Loved Their 2021 Camp Invention Experience

“I love how organized and streamlined the program comes to us. It was very easy to follow and very easy to implement everything. The modules are all very well written and thorough. I love the implementation of creative thinking in the modules and having the students be able to create.” – Alicia W., Camp Invention Instructor, Dayton, TX

“Teaching digitally is difficult and I assumed teaching a STEM/invention style course would be more challenging. However, that was not the case. The directions were simple enough for my first graders to follow along as well as challenging enough to keep my fifth graders interested. This was extremely meaningful to me because I loved being able to see every student succeed in their own way and have the confidence to share their invention, thoughts, ideas, etc.” – Amanda S., Camp Invention Instructor, Orlando, FL

“I love how easy the program makes it for Instructors to deliver high-quality content; I loved seeing kids enjoy their learning so much.” – Leslie A., Camp Invention Instructor, Grapevine, TX


Children Had a Blast at Their 2021 Camp Invention Programs

Allison G.’s children enjoying Camp Invention

“My 9- and 11-year-olds loved the camp. They've kept their projects and are still talking about them. Best money spent for a weeklong camp full of fun and inventing. Thank you for such great curriculum.” – Allison G., Camp Invention Parent

Jennifer R.’s daughter enjoying Camp Invention At Home

“My daughter has participated in Camp Invention for three years and is always excited about every new day during camp.” – Jennifer R., Camp Invention Parent

Camp Invention participant, Stock M., posing in her Camp Invention T-shirt

“I really enjoyed Camp Invention. I loved building the cars and making the solar-powered cricket. I’m really excited to go back next summer.” – Stock M., Camp Invention Participant


We’d Love to Hear from You

Are you a teacher or educator who had a great time with Camp Invention this past summer? We’d love for you to share your experience with us on our Facebook page.

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