Club Invention At Home: An Engaging Introduction to the Innovation Mindset

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Club Invention At Home: An Engaging Introduction to the Innovation Mindset

As educators across the country are well aware, the start of the 2020-21 school year has been filled with the kind of uncertainty that can make it difficult to follow even the most well-thought-out and robust plans. While this is true for in-school programming, it is even more so for clubs and extracurricular activities, which in many districts have been postponed or canceled.

In response to teachers who have reached out to us for a flexible afterschool solution that provides the same type of innovative STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education found in our flagship summer program, Camp Invention®, our National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) education team has developed Club Invention® At Home!

Aligned to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards for grades K-6, this program offers four unique, hands-on units that invite students to learn through open-ended exploration. Because each unit includes both a step-by-step guide that allows students to complete activities on their own, and an educator script paired with easy-to-follow videos, Club Invention At Home provides an equitable experience for each student, with or without internet access. Additionally, all hands-on materials are shipped directly to participants’ homes to ensure they are set up for success.


The Innovation Mindset Difference

In collaboration with our world-changing NIHF Inductees, our education team designs each of our programs to help participants develop and apply the Innovation Mindset: nine essential skills and traits that help children unlock their creative potential!

Club Invention At Home guides your students to practice each component of the Innovation Mindset in a comfortable and safe environment. Each unit focuses on different aspects of this mindset, so by engaging in all four core units, as well as the included Innovation Force® base unit, students will discover the value of their own creativity and develop attributes that can empower them in any area of life. 


Club Invention At Home Units

Bot ANN-E: Students are introduced to coding by programming robots to traverse different scenes they create, from city streets to futuristic farms.

Optibot: In this action-packed unit, participants customize their self-driving robots and cheer them on as they complete obstacle courses of their own design.

DIY Orbot: To complete many exciting challenges, students design, test and modify their own remote-controlled robots.

Robotic Pet Vet: Participants receive two robotic dogs — one to personalize and one to take apart in order to compare its inner workings with that of a real dog’s anatomy.

Innovation Force®: Included in the purchase of your first unit, children unlock their creative superpowers by designing their own superhero persona and disguise.


Learn More About Club Invention At Home

To find out how you can bring Club Invention At Home to the students in your district, we invite you to contact us today!

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