Campaign - Sprout Creativity Parents

Sprout Creativity with Camp Invention

Help us plant the seeds of innovation! With the video above, your child learned about Luther Burbank and Jackie Quinn, who are real inventors and Inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame®. Then they brainstormed their own ideas of how they might be an innovation superhero for the Earth and help our world grow! Finally, they planted a special bean. Once the bean sprouts, a secret code will be revealed on one of the leaves (STEMFUN15)! Use this code to save $15 when you register your child for Camp Invention, where they will experience a high-energy, hands-on week full of invention and discovery.  Give your child the opportunity to experience the invention process and help them gain valuable skills for a lifetime of innovation.

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Additional Tips and Tricks to Ensure Proper Bean Growth

  • Break up the soil disc, removing any covering or netting, before adding the water to help it absorb faster
  • Start with adding one ounce of warm water, adding additional water as needed without exceeding a total of two ounces of water in the cup
  • Let the soil absorb the water prior to adding the bean
  • If your tap water has high acidity or high sulfur, consider using distilled water
  • Use warm (but not hot) water
  • Make sure the plastic wrap is secured tightly across the top of the cup
  • The rubber band should be placed as close to the top edge of the cup as possible
  • Plants benefit from the full-spectrum nature of sunlight, so if your window has a UV blocker, consider an alternative location
  • If you live in an area where spring hasn’t quite sprung, or the days tend to be cloudy, a UV lamp will increase the growth success rate