Davia Madariaga


Davia Madariaga

Regional Program Development Manager


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Professional Background:

Davia has 21 years of experience in public education, including eight years as Director of Special Programs/Federal Grants/Title I and 13 years as a teacher in elementary and middle school classrooms. She has also served as a national educational staff development facilitator and presenter, a curriculum writer, and a paralegal in intellectual property, patents and trademarks, and governmental law. Davia holds a doctorate in transformational leadership and has earned certifications in administration, gifted education, ESL, SPED, early childhood, history and general education.

On a Personal Note:

Davia spent 10 years as a part-time wedding coordinator, is an occasional guest columnist for the Dallas Morning News and is currently cooking her way through Anthony Bourdain’s “Las Halles Cookbook.”

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