LIT Pre-Camp Training

Welcome to the Leaders-in-Training Program!

Pre-Camp Training: What to expect

As a Leader-in-Training, or LIT, you will develop your leadership skills and potential, all while encouraging campers to dream big and create the impossible.

On your first day of the Camp Invention® program, you will receive your LIT packet and Camp Invention T-shirt. Your packet includes your name badge, neck wallet and daily tracker. Please be sure to bring your T-shirt and the contents of your packet to camp every day.

Your LIT daily tracker will guide you through each day of Camp Invention. It provides daily tips to help you complete your goals, focusing on areas of leadership you can develop while participating at camp.

Below, we have provided a few guiding questions to help you be a good leader throughout each day of camp:

  • What can you do to be a helpful mentor?
  • How will you rise to the challenge of leadership?
  • Who needs extra encouragement today?
  • How will you help children teambuild?
  • How might you inspire a child to dream big?

Throughout the week, you will be introduced to the invention process, which includes problem solving, collaboration, entrepreneurship and persistence. The skills introduced and developed through the invention process are just as important for leaders as they are for inventors! Apply these skills when you are mentoring campers throughout the week, and they will help you build your confidence and become an effective leader.

During your program week, you will be working closely with Instructors and Leadership Interns (LIs). Instructors are the teachers who help lead the Camp Invention program. You will be paired with at least one Instructor for the week of camp and will assist them with the activities each day. LIs are high school or college students who volunteer their time at camp. Be sure to interact with and learn about leadership from your LI.

At the beginning of each day, you should review the planned activities with your Instructor and LI, and ask any questions you might have. During lunch, you will work with your LI to help run the campers’ activities. You can also use this time to talk to your LI about any challenges you had in the morning, and ask for advice to overcome them. At the end of the day, you will meet with your LI to reflect on the day and prepare for the next!

Don’t forget that your goal as a Leader-in-Training is to become a better leader. Let’s watch a video that explains a little bit more on what leadership looks like at Camp Invention.

Finally, it’s important for you to know what is expected of you while at Camp Invention. Take a moment to review the role chart so that you can understand how all the positions at camp work together. Click here to download.