Innovation Exploration Kits: Invention Project Series

Innovation Exploration Kits: Invention Project Series

Get ready to invent!

Your Invention Project® experience begins right here, where you can access exclusive digital content designed to amplify your at-home fun.

When your kits arrive, grab the Activity Guides and look for the passwords on page 1. Choose the corresponding icon below and use your password to unlock the experience page for videos and music.

Complete your experience, your way.

As you take on new challenges each day, choose what option works best for you!

  1. Use the printed Activity Guides found in your kits and the video and music links found near the bottom of the experience pages.
  2. Download the digital Activity Guides, which contain all the video and music links.

Fly Gliders™ Kit

Let your imagination take off as you design and prototype an innovative rescue plane.

RC Origami Bot™ Kit

Explore the possibilities of remote control technology as you build and operate your own robot.

Innovator’s Choice

Investigate creative concepts as you take on your choice of four inspiring challenges.