Invention Project enables your 6th–9th grader the chance to explore the edges of innovation and imagine the possibilities through dreaming, designing, engineering, and making. Participants can team up to invent ways to light up their lockers, or maybe even light up an entire continent! Young innovators are challenged to create new, original inventions, but they must also consider principles of business, such as rapid prototyping, market research, shipping, and profit.

Inspiration floods forth as participants are virtually introduced to some of today’s greatest thinkers, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Your child will meet Collegiate Inventors Competition Finalists and Winners, as well as National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees, through personalized video challenges. Young minds brainstorm solutions to these challenges and push their ideas to the next level!

Program Flexibility

With 60 different Invention Project sessions available, local educators select 10 (or more!) unique sessions designed to explore open-ended invention, STEM and entrepreneurship fundamentals. Contact your location for specific program details!

Curious to learn more about all the ways young innovators sketch, incubate, prototype, test, and refine? Here’s a glimpse at just some of the Invention Project featured sessions!


Teams explore the basics of circuitry and counterbalance as they design and challenge their own motor-powered creatures.


In this session, teams receive game-making materials and are challenged to design their own high-strategy games.


Participants design and invent from scratch. We empower them to apply their ingenuity, resourcefulness, and prototyping abilities.

Extreme Shoe:

Teams explore Business 101 as they develop and market innovative shoes in a mock free-market economy.
Style matters, but so do features and pricing, as well as marketing and manufacturing.

Next Media:

Teams must push the limits of imagination and innovation to design and prototype tomorrow’s media experiences.

Find a Program Near You

Find a Program Near You