Bringing Invention Project to your school empowers your students and enriches your community.

Creative thinking meets entrepreneurial spirit in an out-of-school-time activity like no other.

Invention Project Overview

Created for 6th through 9th graders, Invention Project enables children to explore the edge of innovation and imagine the possibilities through dreaming, designing, engineering, and making. Teams invent to light up their lockers, or maybe even light up an entire continent. Inventing is part one. Bringing an invention to the world is part two. Innovators are challenged to create new, inventive designs, but they must also consider principles of business (e.g., rapid prototyping, market research, shipping and profit). Inspiration floods forth as teams are virtually introduced to some of today’s greatest thinkers, inventors and entrepreneurs.

Teams meet Collegiate Inventors Competition Finalists and Winners, as well as National Inventors Hall of Fame (NIHF) Inductees, through personalized video challenges. Innovators brainstorm solutions to these challenges and push their ideas to the next level. Invention Project: where inventing just got real.

Invention Project Highlights

Promotes the 21st century skills of teamwork, communication, and collaboration, as well as economic literacy, through engaging, hands-on challenges that merge invention, and entrepreneurship

Brings the wisdom, ingenuity, and inspiration of Collegiate Inventors and NIHF Inductees into the classroom and into the lives of the program participants

Gives youth the opportunity to sketch, incubate, prototype, test, reflect, and refine their ideas through activities that promote self-expression and the building of self-confidence

Employs the design thinking process, focusing in on key skills such as empathizing with product users, as a way of analyzing the gaps that often lead to novel and useful inventions

Provides an opportunity for youth to develop an understanding of the value of their own and others’ Intellectual Property, as well as the ways in which the United States’ patent and trademark system fuels innovation

Program Flexibility

Developed as a series of 90-minute sessions and aligned to national education standards, Invention Project is available as an afterschool or summer enrichment program. Sessions can stand alone or fit together in any setting, from once-a-week afterschool to a fully immersive five-day summer camp experience! There are multiple program options available to meet your unique needs.

For starters, we’ve learned that teachers will transfer the skills they learn in our programs back to their classroom.
So this is a wonderful way to incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) professional development.
Additionally, a stipend is given to participating teachers along with step-by-step instructions.

You only need to incorporate a 1:12 program team-to-student ratio, so chances are you’ll only need 2-10 program team members, depending on participation.

The program is built to be flexible for after school or summer school, and it can be configured to your specific needs.
Talk to your regional representative about program length.

As for the cost, we employ a parent-paid tuition model, so there is no cost to your host school. You just need a few classrooms and a multipurpose room. We’ll give you everything else. Many Title I schools/districts and 21st Century Community Learning Centers use their federal funds to provide the program to their students when the parent-paid model is not an option.

And the best part of all, the entire program is all-inclusive and completely turnkey.