STEM Educational Programs


Our educational programs are led by local, certified educators and designed to impact young minds through fun, hands-on activities infused with the spirit of innovation!

Invention Playground

Invention Playground takes a child’s natural curiosity and transforms it into innovation through imagination and play. This program identifies natural learning opportunities for preschoolers to develop and grow foundational STEM skills through song, literacy and hands-on play to understand independent thinking and problem solving in its most creative and innovative way.

Invention Playground Overview
Grades K-6
Camp Invention

Camp Invention promotes innovation, STEM concepts, Intellectual Property Literacy™, entrepreneurship and 21st century skills such as collaboration, critical thinking and creative problem solving—all while being inspired by the brightest thinkers around, the Inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame. New for 2018, we introduce Accelerate, a mathematical concepts and literacy add-on program. Click here to learn more about Accelerate.

Camp Invention Overview
Grades 1-6
Club Invention

Club Invention is an exciting after-school program inspired by the Inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Based on the same guiding principles as Camp Invention, children in first through sixth grade work in teams to brainstorm solutions to everyday challenges and enhance their understanding of essential STEM concepts through immersive, hands-on activities.

Club Invention Overview
Grades 1-6
STEM Maker Lab

In STEM Maker Lab, future innovators will discover the power of prototyping as they bring their ideas into reality. Enhance the makerspace experience and empower students to problem-solve realistic challenges, design prototypes of their ideas and bring them to life using the latest tech tools. Students will go from idea generator, to maker, to game-changing innovator!

STEM Maker Lab Overview
Grades 6-9
Invention Project

Designed for sixth through ninth graders, Invention Project promotes 21st century skills including teamwork, communication and collaboration, as well as financial literacy, through engaging, hands-on challenges that merge invention and business concepts. Middle schoolers are given opportunities to create new, inventive designs while considering business concepts such as rapid prototyping, market research and shipping and profit.

Invention Project Overview
Grades 7-9

Instills valuable early 21st century leadership and teamwork skills by providing participants a unique opportunity to assist camp Instructors with daily activities, to act as role models for camp participants and to learn to set and accomplish personal goals.

Leaders-in-Training Overview
Grades 10-College
Leadership Interns

Includes formalized leadership training, introductory concepts in the areas of entrepreneurship and intellectual property, and the opportunity to work with young students in our Camp Invention and Invention Project programs.

Leadership Interns Overview
Professional Development

Reinforces educationally sound, evidence-based instructional methods centered on inquiry and engineering design processes. Our training provides immersive, hands-on experiences and promotes open, safe environments that encourage risk taking and searching for solutions.

Professional Development Overview
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