Is your child not the right grade for Invention Playground?
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It’s never too early to start ideating. Invention Playground puts preschool students on the road to creativity with fun, engaging educational programs. If you are interested, contact your local childhood center or preschool to see how to bring this exciting program to you.

What is Invention Playground?

Invention Playground is a program that channels a child’s natural curiosity and builds an early foundation for learning.

Who is Invention Playground for?

Invention Playground is for preschool children who like to use their hands and minds, and learn through play.

Why Invention Playground?

For insights from 26 years of Camp Invention experience, developed by the National Inventors Hall of Fame. When challenges include things like Mystery Present, Pod Pals Cruise the Galaxy, Shake Rattle & Roll, and ZOOM: Where Innovation Begins, you know it’s going to be fun.

Want to Bring Invention Playground to Your School?

Talk to your local preschool provider to see if Invention Playground is a part of their program. If not, have them contact us at 800.968.4332 or

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