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Club Invention takes the same principles as our nationally recognized Camp Invention summer program and turns it into an awesome afterschool program. Your child will be immersed in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) throughout the school year, with new challenges to test his or her imagination.

Who is Club Invention for?

Club Invention is for families who want a weekday afterschool program that gives their children fun ways to test their imaginations and learn new things through fun, hands-on creative problem-solving activities. Register today.

Why should I consider Club Invention?

Club Invention is a dynamic, educational alternative to other afterschool programs. It provides the benefits of Camp Invention year-round, so you can feel good knowing that your child is actively learning from experienced local educators.

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Did You Know?

Last year, our programs impacted nearly 1,400 schools and more than 94,000 1ST-6TH graders nationwide.