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Bolder Builders

A Club Invention Program

In Bolder Builders™, children join engineer, architect and builder Archie Tek to restore a town called Unlucky. They apply building principles that have been used for centuries, learning that even through natural disasters, people can be resilient and rebuild their communities. Considering both function and aesthetics, children design the town layout and construct buildings and bridges. They collaborate, brainstorm and plan their design, and then create, test and recreate to discover that they can make an impact on the world.

Bolder Builders aligns to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

Curriculum Highlights

This Unit Emphasizes these Innovation Mindset Habits:

  • Applying empathy and creative problem solving to design shelters for different weather conditions.
  • Exploring biomimicry and innovation, using inspiration from nature to create strong structures.
  • Using STEM principles to replicate bridge construction and learn how earthquakes impact buildings.

Unit Prototypes

In this unit, children create:
  • Tent Blueprint and Prototype
  • Suspension Bridge
  • New Town Buildings
  • Model Implosion
  • Giant Spider Web
  • Burrow Marble Run

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