Mighty Minds

The Mighty Minds Contest Recognizes Outstanding Young Innovators

Our contest has been developed exclusively for Camp Invention® alumni.

Sharing innovative ideas

Visiting Washington, D.C.

Meeting famous inventors

Connecting creative children with accomplished inventors

Through our Mighty Minds contest, Camp Invention alumni have shared their imaginative ideas and goals. Each grand prize winner has been given an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C., an on-stage spotlight at the National Inventors Hall of Fame® Induction Event and the opportunity to spend time with Inductees — our real-life innovation superheroes.

Competitive excitement

Our contest is designed to build on the creative fun of Camp Invention.

Lasting inspiration

Our winners have enjoyed one-on-one conversations with visionary inventors.

Congratulations to our 2018 Mighty Minds winners!

Nikaya Baranwal
Chad Daniels
Rachael Mendelsohn

Check out 2018 Mighty Minds winner Nikaya Baranwal’s journey to the 46th Annual National Inventors Hall of Fame Induction Event

Meet all our Mighty Minds

Nikaya Baranwal

2018 Mighty Minds Winner

Mya Sewell

2017 Mighty Minds Winner

Oyon Ganguli

2016 Mighty Minds Winner

Landri Drude

2015 Mighty Minds Winner

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