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Camp Invention Recharge

Product Description: Our new 2021 K-6 summer camp program offers four modules that guide participants to build confidence through hands-on, open-ended exploration of concepts like solar energy, vehicle design, entrepreneurship and the power of physics. Preferred format will be In Person and At Home simultaneously, so that both educators and parents can commit early, and make final decisions closer to the program date. This provides peace of mind and insurance for all parties.

Modules: Duck Chuck™, Road Rally™, Open Mic™, Solar Bot™ 

Format: In Person, At Home and Self-Led (Self-Led applies to campers who sign up for At Home and do not join the virtual sessions.) Dual format is positioned to districts as mandatory (must opt out)


  • Licensed — $140/participant (bulk discounts available)  

  • Parent Paid — $235, $260, $310 (standard, premium, premium plus)  

  • Extended Day  $80, $90, $105 (standard, premium, premium plus)


Camp Invention Connect

Product Description: Our national Camp Invention Connect program offers a truly unique approach to K-6 distance learning. Four activity kits packed with materials from our 2021 Camp Invention program Recharge ship directly to participants' homes. Combine these robust kits with virtual coaching sessions led by certified educators, and you have an immersive experience that enables children to connect, collaborate and create with friends from across the country. 

Modules: Duck Chuck, Road Rally, Open Mic, Solar Bot  

Format: At Home and Self-Led (Self-Led applies to campers who do not join the virtual sessions.) 

Cost: Parent Paid $235 (includes shipping)

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Camp Invention Elevate

Product Description:  With four inspiring, hands-on modules, this K-6 summer camp program leads participants on a journey exploring principles of flight, sports innovations, real environmental challenges and more.

Modules: Rescue Squad™, Camp Invention Flight Lab™, Camp Invention Champions™, Design Thinking Project™ 

Format: In Person, At Home and Self-Led (Self-Led applies to campers who sign up for At Home and do not join the virtual sessions.) 


  • Licensed At Home — $125/participant 

  • Licensed In Person — $140/participant