Campaign - The 12 days of STEM

Celebrate 12 days of STEM with Camp Invention!

The National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) and the Innovation Force® (a.k.a. NIHF Inductees turned superheroes) have been working hard on the 2019 Camp Invention® curriculum. The goal of the program is to ensure every activity is unique, fun and incorporates the process of invention. At the end of it all, your child can walk away with a valuable and authentic experience.

These NIHF superheroes have not only been inspiring the program activities, but they also have been working hard on solving real-world challenges. Therefore, the team is taking a 12-day vacation to practice the power of incubation – resting their creative minds. While they are away, they need some help.  To help our superheroes, we need your child to use their innovative powers to invent and design by taking on the challenges below.

Day One:

Create a large backpack out of recyclable materials (e.g., a paper bag) to take on your adventure. Personalize its design and consider what special powers it might have!


Day Two:

Go on a math hunt and find some cylinders (e.g., paper towel tubes) to upcycle into a pair of binoculars to spot adventure far and wide.


Day Three:

Capture memories of your adventure by building a prototype of a camera or other recording device out of boxes or containers. Place it in your personalized backpack!


Day Four:

Design a new pair of shoes to wear on your adventure. Remember to protect the bottom of your feet from hot or wet conditions. Pack them up when finished.


Day Five:

You will need a safe place to rest along your adventure. Design engineer a shelter that protects you from extreme weather. See how quickly you can build it and take it down!


Day Six:

Since you will be gone for a while, you might want to try the local cuisine! Create a device to catch or retrieve food using items you find around your home.


Day Seven:

Stay safe on your adventure! Create a way to protect yourself from rain and wind using nearby supplies. Try out your device, then modify it based on how it works.


Day Eight:

Make a pair of glasses using egg cartons, plastic cups or other items you find at home to protect yourself from the sun. Place them in your personalized backpack!


Day Nine:

You might need a flotation device to use at sea. Experiment with materials to see which items sink or float in water. What happens when you change their shape?


Day Ten:

Build scuba diving equipment using straws, tubing, bottles or other plastic containers to use for underwater exploration. Place it in your personalized backpack!


Day Eleven:

Design a game or toy to keep in your backpack for the long trip. Will it have more than one way that it can be played?


Day Twelve:

Be on the lookout for the final activity that will reveal your next big adventure! An email is on its way.

Grab your backpack and continue the adventure with the Innovation Force by registering for the all-new 2019 Camp Invention program!