How Our Inductees
Pay it Forward

The National Inventors Hall of Fame stands out for being the only Hall of Fame whose Inductees pay it forward.

Our Inductees see the bigger picture in the next generation and are committed to empowering and engaging future game-changers along every step of the journey to adulthood.

Our Inductees help direct and inspire the curricula for our award-winning youth education programs. Additionally, many of our Inductees devote their time to visit our educational programs throughout the country, connecting directly with students to share successes and failures, and to provide encouragement to the next generation of inventors.

Inductees also volunteer to act as mentors and judges at our Collegiate Inventors Competition.

With each new class, our Inductees enrich the Hall of Fame with a gift that keeps on growing — knowledge. By sharing what they’ve learned, they’re inspiring the new generation to change our world with their future achievements.

Did You Know?

The Hall of Fame Inductees Inspire the Future in our Camp Invention program.