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Hall of Fame Museum

A National Monument to Innovation®.

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The National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum is a landmark to innovation that allows you to step into a world of inspiration, challenge, and discovery. Explore the stories and inventions of more than 530 National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees through interactive kiosks and exhibits.

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National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum
600 Dulany Street, Alexandria, VA 22314


Monday through Friday: 10am to 5pm
Saturday: 11am to 3pm
Sundays and Federal Holidays: CLOSED

Phone: 571.272.0095


Gallery of Icons

Explore this inspirational and visual representation of how invention has progressed in our country, from the late 1700s when the patent system was first started, to today. Discover how society has gone through different eras, and in recent decades, how technology has evolved at an even faster pace.


Intellectual Property PowerTM

Intellectual Property PowerTM puts you behind the lens, in the driver’s seat, and blazing down the information superhighway in a highly interactive exhibit.


2015-2016 Inductees

Get to know the latest class of Hall of Fame Inductees and their remarkable innovations in our special 2015-2016 Hall of Fame exhibit.


Visionary Veterans

Visionary Veterans vividly tells the incredible stories of Hall of Fame Inductees who served in the United States Navy, each with an inspired tale of undeterred spirit in the face of adversity.


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Learn how the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum can host your event in an inspiring one-of-a-kind venue.

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